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C.T.Y.M  offers Site Based and Community Programs

Site-based programs within schools aim not only to bolster academic performance and attendance but also to mitigate instances of misbehavior among students. These programs focus on fostering resilience, imparting coping strategies, and addressing critical issues like suicide prevention, abstinence, drug and alcohol education, and the risks of sex trafficking. Weekly sessions are structured to include tutoring and imparting essential life skills, facilitated by Program Support Specialists who not only provide academic guidance but also serve as positive role models for the students. These site-based programs cater to students across elementary, middle, and high school levels, offering them a comprehensive support system within their educational environment.

CTYM's community-based programs extend beyond academic support, providing a safe space for teenage youth in the Tampa Bay area to express their aspirations and apprehensions freely. Through structured activities, led by Program Support Specialists, Mentors, Peers, and self-reflection, these programs equip youths with tools to develop their intellectual, emotional, and relational capacities. Emphasizing values such as respect, accountability, and responsibility, the programs aim to guide these youths on the path to responsible adulthood, free from vulnerabilities such as drug and alcohol abuse, while also raising awareness about the dangers of sex trafficking. Weekly engagement in these programs results in improved relationships, heightened school performance, strengthened family ties, and a proactive contribution to society from the participating students.

E.M.E.R.G.E: Empowerment, Mentorship, Education, Resilience, Growth, and Excellence 

EMERGE, standing for Empowerment, Mentorship, Education, Resilience, Growth, and Excellence, represents a comprehensive program available in both Site-Based and Community-Based formats. This initiative within school settings is specifically designed for adolescent girls, aiming to unleash their potential, enhance their abilities, and foster resilience. The program focuses on promoting mental well-being among the community's most vulnerable and at-risk youth. EMERGE is dedicated to proactive intervention and prevention, aspiring to cultivate a community populated by inherently happy, successful, and self-sufficient young individuals.

EMERGE brings together school-aged girls in the Tampa Bay Area through a dynamic curriculum, forging a robust sisterhood that empowers, motivates, uplifts, and educates them to make impactful contributions in a global economy. It embodies the vision of Chandelier Transformations Youth Mentoring (C.T.Y.M) and utilizes multiple curricula aimed at propelling the youth forward as the next generation of trailblazers, innovators, and community leaders.

The core curriculum of EMERGE comprises four main components delivered by a Program Support Specialist in 10-13 weekly lessons. These sessions include diverse activities such as class discussions, live demonstrations, games, videos, group activities, skits, and teamwork. Topics covered encompass self-discovery, managing stress, fostering confidence, understanding diversity, healthy relationships, handling peer pressure, and addressing bullying, among others. The curriculum is flexible, allowing for one-on-one or small group sessions.

Recognizing the challenges faced by youth in regulating emotional responses due to adversity and ongoing stress, EMERGE offers "Mind Matters," consisting of 21 sessions. This module equips participants with essential skills and strategies grounded in current research and neuroscience, enabling them to manage stressful life experiences and regulate their emotional responses effectively.

Furthermore, the program includes a risk reduction and prevention curriculum, adopting the T.E.A.M curriculum approved by the US Dept of Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Delivered over 25 sessions in high-risk or turnaround schools on a weekly or biweekly basis, this curriculum targets factors associated with delinquent behaviors among middle-school students. It focuses on combating truancy, lack of school engagement, association with deviant peers, and victimization, offering strategies and support within a group setting facilitated by Program Facilitators.

EMERGE is not just a program; it's a transformative journey empowering young girls with skills, resilience, and the fortitude to navigate life's challenges while emerging as influential leaders and change-makers of tomorrow's world.

Community Based Programs Offered at our location, facilitated onsite in group homes, foster homes or other organizations:



A youth mentoring curriculum based on Christian Values

16 Modules of Self Discovery,  Learning to Become an Overcomer to challenges and adversity and truly Letting Your Light Shine.

Who Are You?

I am who God says I am. 

I can do what God says I can do. 

I can become exactly what God says I can become. 

You are a miracle. And that’s exactly what this Bible study for teen girls is about—your true identity in Christ. Who you really are. The culture will try to define you, your past may try to label you, the enemy will seek to deceive you, but no one has the authority to give you your name—your identity—except your Father. And He says that your uniqueness is an expression of His creative genius and is designed to reflect His glory.

This is a bible study for teens developed by  Priscilla Shirer.  In this teen Bible study for girls for sixteen weeks and begin to understand what it means to be created in God’s image and recreated in Christ’s image as His masterpiece. Once you discover who God says you are and the spiritual inheritance that you have, you can start walking in your true identity as a daughter of the most high King. 

H.E.A.R.T B.E.A.T.S.

Healthy - Embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes physical and mental well-being, fostering health in all aspects.

Effective - Efficiently achieving goals and making a meaningful impact through purposeful actions.


Affirmations - Embracing positive self-affirmations and validating one's worth and potential.


Rendering - Creating, providing, and delivering support, guidance, and assistance to oneself and others. Resilient - Cultivating resilience in the face of challenges, bouncing back stronger from adversity.


Trailblazers - Being innovative, paving new paths, and inspiring others by leading through example.


Belonging - Creating an environment of inclusivity, where everyone feels valued and accepted.


Empowered - Encouraging self-confidence, autonomy, and the ability to make impactful decisions.


Accomplished - Celebrating achievements, recognizing efforts, and acknowledging personal successes.


Thriving - Flourishing and excelling in various aspects of life, finding fulfillment and joy.


Supportive - Offering assistance, encouragement, and care to others, fostering a supportive community.

HEARTBEATS encapsulates a holistic approach to personal growth, resilience, leadership, and community building, emphasizing the essential attributes that contribute to a fulfilling and thriving life. 

Love Notes 4.0 and Relationship Smarts Plus.  Love Notes is the curriculum that H.E.A.R.T. B.E.A.T.S is comprised of. Love Notes is an evidence-based, comprehensive healthy relationship education program.


Lessons/activities in the curriculum have a heavy focus on communication, decision-making, setting and respecting boundaries, planning and pacing relationships and sexual activity, and the impact of family formation on children.

The purpose is to teach youth how to build healthy peer and relationships, as well as how to reduce their risk for dating violence, unplanned pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. Skills taught throughout this curriculum can be applied to many areas of life, resulting in healthier outcomes for youth. Love Notes is intended for youth and young adults ages 14-24.

This program has games, videos, write-ups, and activities to help share valuable information in a fun way. It also includes information about drugs, sexual assault, technology, and sexting. This program involves most of the issues that teenagers may face. It helps prepare the youth for difficult decisions and situations to help them become self-sufficient in problem-solving skills.

While most programs discuss either healthy relationships or sexual health, most do not discuss both in-depth. This program helps youth develop effective strategies to help them stay safe, build healthy relationships and defer sexual content until marriage and family planning.


Research shows youth who participated in the Love Notes program reported the following:

 • Prevention and Awareness of Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment • Prevention to Involvement with Drugs and alcohol – and their impact on relationships • Avoidance of Cyberbullying • Avoidance of Violence • Delayed initiation of sexual intercourse • Reduced frequency of sexual activity. • Reduced incidence of pregnancy



A program dedicated to walk our young ladies through the steps necessary to qualify and apply for college as well as explore careers and higher learning institutions. The C.T.Y.M's Crowns College & Career Development Program is offered to Chandelier Transformations Youth Mentoring Inc.'s participants with a primary focus on high school students.  This curriculum helps students explore:

C  -  College & Career Exploration/Preparation
R  - Resource Development
O - Opportunities & Exposure
W- Workforce Readiness
N - Networking
S  - Scholarships

The purpose of C.T.Y.M's Crowns is to empower young ladies with knowledge and skills that will enable them to be successful with their post-high school education and careers. The program includes monthly workshops, guest speakers, career & educational field trips, career exploration opportunities and college preparation.




All Programs Are Centered Around

  • TRANSFORMATION of the mind by teaching our girls to embrace & identify their individuality, learning self-love and self-care. 

  • ILLUMINATION of spirituality through discovery of use of their unique voices, the development of confidence and life skills essential to building a powerful, healed, whole, healthy and unique young woman.

  • EMPOWERMENT to impact and create social change, political change, and cultural shifts within their families and communities. 

  • TRANSFORMATION, ILLUMINATION and EMPOWERMENT via education & articulation to become  brave, eloquent speaking trailblazers of the future gifted to understand their existence is for the purpose of making the world a better place.


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